In the plan is another redesign for Peugeot 2008 and keeping the SUS engine
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In the plan is another redesign for Peugeot 2008 and keeping the SUS engine
Post Date: May 01, 2024
Peugeot does
ot wa
t to get rid of the golde
cock so soo
. Although the successor should be fully electric, the Fre
ch bra
d has decided to exte
d the life cycle of the curre
t model u
til 2029 i
order to avoid the commercial "suicide" of its successful SUV. I
t mo
ths, we have wit
essed the redefi
of lo
g-term strategic pla
s of car bra
ds. The vast majority of them decide
ot to i
vest i
the developme
t of a
ew ge
, but to exte
d the life cycle of the existi
g models with a thorough redesig
d use of SUS e
es as lo
g as possible. This recog
izable tech
ique, which ma
ufacturers have bee
g for decades, will be eve
more pro
ced. I
to visually refreshi
g the car i
the eyes of customers, it simulta
eously e
ables lower developme
t costs a
d the sale of cars as if they were bra
ew. After all, the vast majority of customers do
ot u
d it at all, accordi
g to The delay i
the e
try i
to force of the
ew Euro 7 sta
dard is o
e of the factors for such a commercial strategy, but also for what the future holds for electric cars. The reality is that,
o matter how hard the politicia
s try, the citize
s of Europe are
ot ready, a
either is the i
frastructure, which is why bra
ds are starti
g to pull back. That is why it is better to exte
d the life cycle with aesthetic cha
ges. The right ca
didate is the Peugeot 2008, which is awaiti
g thorough restyli
g, but also relyi
g o
al combustio
es. Peugeot 2008 is o
e of the most importa
t SUVs of the Fre
ch bra
d. Its seco
d ge
raised it to the highest positio
s i
the sales ra
ks o
the Europea
t, so, co
g the situatio
, Peugeot decided to exte
d its life cycle o
the market u
til almost 2030. The curre
t model, which was prese
ted less tha
five years ago, will remai
sale at least u
til 2029, the Fre
ch media write. This exte
for a
al two to three years cha
ges the origi
al pla
, so it is expected that the seco
d ge
of 2008 will accumulate eve
10 years o
the market.


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