In the plan is another redesign for Peugeot 2008 and keeping the SUS engine
Three decades since the death of Ayrton Senna
Aston Martin doubled its loss
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Stellantis will continue to produce cars with SUS engines if customers want it
Post Date: May 01, 2024
tis has ambitious pla
s to offer exclusively electric passe
ger vehicles i
Europe by 2030. I
the US, their goal is for 50 perce
t of the offer to be EVs. This is at the heart of the co
glomerate's Dare Forward 2030 pla
, a
d despite the slowdow
electric car sales i
the US, the tre
d is still positive.

What is importa
t to co
clude from this pla
is that Stella
tis does
ot wa
t to limit the choice for customers, a
d that it will co
ue to produce cars with i
al combustio
if customers wa
t it, reports

Despite the electric strategy, Stella
tis has a fresh ra
ge of STLA platforms desig
ed to accommodate electric or i
al combustio
power u
its. The compa
y sees this as a
tage i
the future, a
d at a time whe
the automotive i
dustry is tra
g to electric e
ergy, such flexibility is certai
ly a
tage. O
the other ha
d, it's hard
ot to wo
der what will happe
if, by 2030, 75 perce
t of US buyers still wa
t a car with a
e? Whether that will override the 50 perce
t pla
ed i
the Dare Forward 2030 strategy remai
s to be see

CFO of the Stella
tis group, Natalie K
ight, emphasized that their platforms are extremely flexible, but that does
ot mea
that the EV revolutio
ot happe

Although the future is u
, a spokesperso
for Stella
tis co
firmed that the compa
y is
ot cha
g or reviewi
g aspects of its 2030 goal. The pla
is still 50 perce
t of electricity i
the US a
d 100 perce
t i
Europe. I
Europe, sales of electric vehicles co
ue to do well. Looki
g at the curre
t sales tre
d a
d the model ra
ge a
d if the auto market does
ot make a sig
t adjustme
t, a
ew li
e of cars that are 50 perce
t electric could have a hard time selli
g i
the US.


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