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Dacia Duster third generation: first drive
Post Date: May 01, 2024
Dacia Duster Whe
it was lau
ched i
2010, Dacia Duster attracted a lot of atte
from the automotive public, primarily because of its extremely attractive price for a
SUV. Of course, Re
ault's Roma
ch was primarily aimed at customers who either were
't ready to shell out extra mo
ey for luxury details or simply did
't wa
t it. Either way, their wallets were happier for it. If we fast forward the eve
ts to the prese
t day, we come to the lau
ch of the third ge
of Duster, which o
paper offers much more tha
was the case with its predecessors. We traveled to Spai
, specifically Malaga i
dalucia, to see for ourselves the quality of the
ewcomer, as well as whether future buyers will co
ue to e
joy a
extremely favorable ratio of i
vested a
d received.


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